Mental Health

Oh how I missed you

I found myself wondering about my old blog at 4am, of how much awareness I was raising in my local community of mental illnesses and how to break the stigma what is attached to mental health. I missed writing blog posts as it felt like I was speaking to my best friends every time I posted and looked at the comments. For example, when I got asked to speak on the radio about mental health medication and my own mental health and if medication has helped me.

One thing what was stressful with my anxiety was when I was out in public, I would get randomly spoken too in a shop and with someone who has anxiety, I felt stressed and paranoid about being looked at and whether I was speaking right. But I am getting better with speaking in public with help of public speaking more.

I decided that I want to get on the blogging bandwagon again. I want to raise more awareness about bipolar disorder and anxiety. But also, I want to write about my hobbies and to be creative. I want to speak about my latest hair dying adventures or my favourite skincare.

I had a dream that I was writing this post. Well, here I am writing and hope you are glad that I am back.

Much love,

Shannon Diana x

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