New Hair New Me?

Welcome back to the wonderful adventures of my life, today post is all about my hair journey. I have been through a lot of hair colouring phrases the past few years. But today we are focusing from having black hair to a vivid red colour.

The products what I have used for this transformation, will be linked on the post, and tagged on my Instagram!

Let me just tell you now, hair colour remover stinks of egg! Do not dye your hair black on bleached hair, that is my advice. because it is a pain to get off your head! I literally sat in front of the mirror with a plastic bag on my head for 40 minutes. Hoping for a miracle. But luckily, it removed it and I was blessed to see my natural hair colour.

I left my hair to settle for about five days because I did not want to irritate my scalp, before I started to bleach my hair. I am one of those girls, who thinks I will not have enough stuff and buys about 10 extra literally.

I put the bleach on my head and put the plastic bag over my head to let it develop. (Picture me in my Christmas hair dying top with a plastic bag over my head, waiting to see my hair a bleached base)

So now we have bleached hair and there are yellow brassy tones in my hair and to cancel that out. I used the bleach London white toner to cancel it out, so my hair will perfect for my red hair dye but as life is not all perfect. It messed up and I had a little meltdown, but I got up and thought it is going to look perfect calm down.

This was after I bleached my hair. It didn’t end up very light which I thought the colour wouldn’t work well.

We get to the fun stage!! Dying my hair. This is my favourite yet the messy stage, for this colour I am using the Schwarzkopf Live in the shade pillar box red. You can either have it as a pastel or a bright shade. I am going for the bright shade. I waited 50 minutes to let the colour develop on my head with thanks to another bag on my head. I washed it with cold water and conditioned it. I kept my eyes close praying it looks ok, and I opened my eyes and boom!

I have bright red hair and I loooooove it! It is a mixture of red, its bright and has darken tones of red in it due to my hair not being the perfect blonde shade. But you know what? I love it. I do not know how long I will keep it red, but you will be on this hair journey.

My new hair!!

Much love,

Shannon Diana xx

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