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I swapped the gym for blogging for now.

Hello, welcome back to the adventures of my life. So, it was couple months ago but it still haunts me to this day. I have major gym anxiety now which is annoying as I use to go to the gym for my mental health. But every time I try to go to the gym my anxious thoughts are there, and I am scared that I will injury myself again.

So, let us begin!  

I woke up and I was in a great mood that. I got ready for the gym, and I even walked to the gym, and I was fasting that morning because I normally fast before each gym session then eat as my post workout. I had a can of monster while I was walking to the gym. I felt so good that day which makes it harder to deal with.

I was at the gym and did my warmup routine before I started my leg day. I had my headphones in and blasting Queen. Then it was squat time! I was so ready to lift some weight, but I thought, ill be careful and start off with a lighter weight to begin with. But thinks did not end that way.

I was ready to squat, and I went down and all the sudden, I collapsed for some strange reason and when I woke up, I could not move my ankle or walk on it. So, I must off snap it when I went down.

The gym staff was soooooo nice! But I felt so embarrassed. We had to wait for the ambulance then when they came and tested everything. My blood pressure was extremely low, so I guess that was the reason why I collapsed. I had tests and they determined that my blood pressure was very low that day.

I went to the hospital and had my x-ray, and I broke my ankle. I was given my fashion item. My moon boot for 5-6 weeks. I wanted to get back to the gym to do my upper body session, but I have been so anxious about the whole accident and have lost my interest in the gym, which is so sad, but I will get better whether it will take a month or 5 months to get back into a gym environment.

7 weeks later, I have taken my moon boot off. I can walk on it slowly, but I am not risking running yet as I do not want to damage it even more. It hurts when I have walked on it a lot, but I guess I must build that muscle back.

I hope one day I will be able to go back to the gym, but I must listen to my head. But for now. I have swapped lifting weights for typing my blog posts as my hobby and when I am having a bad head/pain day.

Much Love

Shannon Diana xx

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6 thoughts on “I swapped the gym for blogging for now.

  1. Mutual “customizer” tool? we talking about the treadmill right? the gym i belong to has one were you run manually no speed setting, great very few if any use that treadmill love it, is that what you mean by the customizer tool?


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