Morning Skincare Routine

Hello, welcome back to the adventures of my life. Today’s post is all about my morning skincare routine. If you have not seen my last blog post about my evening routine. Please look at it!

As you will know that I do not do this routine every single day due to living with bipolar and when I have bad days it is hard to keep in the routine.

I wake up and have a wander on my phone for five minutes while I wait and get some life back into me. PS, I promise I am not a vampire haha!

Step One –

I go to my bathroom, and I wash my face with warm water and put my cleanser onto my face. I give it two minutes on my face because I like to brush my teeth while it is on my face. Then I wipe it off my face with my hot cloth.

Step Two –

I walk back into my bedroom to where my skincare is. I place all my skincare products what I need for the morning. I grab my pads and my toner and apply circular motions to my face. I have sensitive and dry skin. So, I try and be careful what skincare products I use so I do not break out in a rash.

Step Three-

I put a pea size amount of eye cream on my fingertip, and I apply it gently on my eyebags and eyelids. I then use a hydrating serum to moisturise my skin and I apply it gently on my face by doing the circular motion to make sure the serum is applied on my face evenly. The serum I use helps to minimise my fine lines and hydrates my skin because I have a dry but sensitive complexion.

Step Four –

I spray my face with a facial spray which improves my skin clarity and restores balance to my skin. I use the Mario Badescu spray. Then when that is dry, I finally use a SPF moisturizing day cream. I use a little bit, so I do not over hydrate my face. But SPF is so important! Do make sure you are using SPF. As SPF helps to block the sun radiation which without SPF there is the risk of skin cancer and aging in the skin.

Step Five-

While also doing my skincare, I also do my lip care. I use lip scrub what exfoliates ant dry skin from my lips from the night then I also use lip balm to hydrate my lips and protects them from dryness. Then I am ready for the day!

I enjoyed writing my skincare routines. Please let me know some of the skincare/beauty brands you would want me to review, and I will try my best to review them for you, so you do not have to spend any pennies!

Much Love,

Shannon Diana xx

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