Mental Health

A bad day – 1st June 2021

I want to document my bad days as well as my good days. As I want to show you the insight of living with a chronic illness. Life is not all daisies and smiles.

I was having such a good week. I wanted to go to Primark and Superdrug to buy some bits to review for my blog and Instagram. I had it planned. I got my clothes ready at night. But you know what? I could not sleep. I kept tossing and turning. I put my phone down at half ten. I was just staring at the ceiling and walls for about 4 hours. I eventually fell asleep at 5am.

I woke up and I felt like I had the world on my shoulders. I felt so positive after having a good week with my symptoms being controlled. I have never been this anxious since pre covid.

Yes, I take medication, but it does not just get rid of my bipolar or anxiety. It helps control my symptoms. It still does not get easier. It took me ages to convince myself to get out of bed because my head and body feels so heavy. I hate living with this. I despise is. I am sorry this is a negative post. But I want to raise awareness that living with a chronic illness such as bipolar or anxiety.                                                               

I hope and pray that tomorrow is a better day. I WILL get better, recovery takes time. I want to recover, and I WILL.

Much Love,

Shannon Diana xx

Recovery is like the spaghetti junction and I will find my way.

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