June Mystery Skincare box

Hello, welcome back to my blog! Today post is about this month mystery skincare box from the new brand AGORA. What I found on TIK TOK, and I wanted to test the brand to see whether it is just another trend what needs to be left behind or if the brand is good or a scam.

I was browsing on Tik tok about 3am (Yes, my sleeping pattern is not the best!) and I kept seeing tik tok influencers rave about the AGORA app and how they are getting beauty and skincare products for a discounted price.

First Impression of the app and the skincare box –

The app is extremely easy to follow and use. You get coins for every time you refer a friend or spend on the app which mounts up and then you can purchase free products with the coins. After testing the app and delivery, I can say it is not a scam and I bloody love it. For the price I paid for it, I am happy which what I received.

Delivery & Price –

I paid £12.99 for box. The delivery was 48 hours and good packaging, so it did not get broken in the transit. It was delivered by royal mail and had tracking so it would not get lost.

What do you get in the box? –

Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix – £12.95

Grace & Stella Mud Face Mask  – £16.00

Starskin VIP 7 second all day Mask – £9.00

Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum – £35.00

The total price all together is £72.95.

Is it worth it and would I buy it again? –

Most definitely, I think I will do a review each month of the skin care boxes. Because the value is soooooo good for what you get. I thought it would be a scam, but I am glad I was proved wrong.

If there are any other beauty boxes you would like me to review, please leave a comment and I will try my best to get it!!

Much Love, Shannon Diana xx

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