Lee Stafford – Heat Protection Shine Mist

Hello, welcome back to the adventures of my life. Today I am reviewing the Lee Stafford product which is called the heat protection shine mist. I brought this before I transformed my hair and what can I say?! I bloody love it, so I thought I would do a review about it.

I was so unsure about buying this product as I heard so many negative things about this mist but for me, I had positives. I use this before I hair dry and straighten my hair, so my hair and my scalp are protected.

How much was the mist and where did I buy it from? –

I brought this from Amazon, and it was £4.72 which you know I love a bargain. From any other shop such as a local drug store it is normally £6.49.

Quick Delivery?

The delivery was particularly good. I only waited a day for it to arrive. It was packed and protected well to make sure that the bottle did not leak or break. It had a plastic covering on it too which made sure no one used it.

How did I apply the mist?

I washed my hair with cold water to maintain my fresh colour. I pat dried my hair as hair drying my hair takes ages! Thick haired individuals will relate. I sprayed a good amount on my hair, and I waited for it to settle before drying/straightening.

Perfumed or not perfumed?

This mist is perfumed, it smells fresh and just like the hairdresser’s smell. I heard that other people smelt the mist as chemically but to me. The mist smelt nice, and I like it.

How did my hair feel after?

It felt soft and fluffy again. It was not sticky like mists could be. It did not make my hair feel greasy either.

Would I buy again?

Yes, I love it! I think it will be a while till I will buy it as I only use it once a week.

Would I recommend the mist to anyone?

Yes. If you are looking for a heat protection mist for yourself. I would recommend it.

If you have any products, you would like me to review, please comment below and I will try my best to review it for you.

Much Love,

Shannon Diana xx

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