W7 Mystery Box

Hello and welcome back to the adventures of my life. Today this post is all about the W7 mystery box what I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to see if it was good or the stuff they couldn’t sell. I paid £19.95 for the box which includes free delivery. On the website It says that the box is worth more than £35.00. 

It was delivered by royal mail and it was second class but the delivery was very quick which I was glad about it. It was a beautiful pink box with a ribbon on.  

There were ten products in the W7 mystery box.  

First impressions…  

When I first saw the products, I was half and half. On one hand there was some good products but on the other hand. I thought some of the products weren’t good and was the stuff they couldn’t get rid of.

(I will link each product what I got but if I can’t find the product on the site, I will link the closest one!)  

Product Number One –  

W7 Black Eyeliner – 

When I opened the box and saw this, I was disappointed as I had this one before and I did not have a fun time with it at all. I’ll try again maybe but when I did search it on the website it wasn’t on there so I am guessing it is just old stock that they couldn’t sell but I’ll try again and see if it has improved.   (£3.95)

Product Number Two –  

W7 Fashion Lipstick – The pinks (Raspberry Ripple)  

I do like this lipstick; the shade is beautiful. It slides on beautifully.  (£3.50)

Product Number Three –  

W7 it’s time to shine highlight & contour 

I could not find this product online or instore. I did not like it, there is no pigment in it at all. I cannot say I liked it because I cannot use as there is no pigment and it is not useable. I am so disappointed. I hate being negative about makeup but this one was trash.  (The price wasn’t on the website)

Product Number Four –  

W7 Violet Lights – Eye shadow palette  

On a positive note, I love this palette. The pigment was good and I cannot wait to try some looks and show you all.  £6.95

Product Number Five-  

W7 Face Brush  

For a brush, the quality is good. I love this brush.  (£6.00)

Product Number Six –  

W7 Good Girl Gone Bad – Black Lipstick 

For lipsticks, the pigment is good. The shade is not the best because I have not worn black lipstick since Halloween. But it is a mystery box, so you must risk it. Price isn’t on the website.

Product Number Seven –  

W7 Golden Eyes – Rocking Eyeshadow Cream  

I do like this eyeshadow cream. It is very simple to use on the eyelid and can be blended as well.  (£4.00)

Product Number Eight –  

Flower Power Priming and Setting Spray – Lavendar  

I love the smell of this. I do enjoy it. I am glad I got this.  (£4.95)

Product Number Nine –  

Individual Lashes –  

I do like them, but they are not for my prefrence so I am going to give them to my friend.  

Product Number Ten –  

W7 Skinny Lipping – Skinny Lipping Matte Lip Color  

I love this matte lipstick. I enjoy lipsticks. It suits me which I am happy about that product. Price wasn’t on the website.

Would I buy it again?  

I might try it again but for now, I was disappointed for some of the products. But it’s a mystery box.  

If you have any other beauty mystery boxes you would like me to try. Please let me know and I will try and review them!  

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