Having my eyelashes done by Nawty Lashes

Hello and welcome back to the adventures of my life. Today post is all about my fantastic experience when I had my eyelash extensions at Nawty lashes. I just wanted to share my review of her amazing talent.

You get a free set of lashes for your 6th time

I ordered my eyelash extension cleaner online, but it did not come in time. So, I had to buy to go into Superdrug and buy some.

Me before my eyelashes.

I have not had eyelashes since last year due to my old eyelash lady moving to a different city. I normally have it done as my selfcare treat as it makes me feel so much prettier and confident with myself. I was extremely nervous having my eyelashes done because you must trust someone to do them. I wanted somewhere local where I could just walk to get them done and I have followed Natalie via @Nawty on Instagram for ages so I booked an appointment for 11th June.

I was a bit nervous as I am nervous at meeting new people and having beauty treatments. But Natalie was so kind and friendly. I wanted the dramatic look instead of the subtle classic look because me and mascara does not go well. Natalie is based from home. I hope one day she has her own shop because she is so good and talented at what she does!

So fluffy

It was a ten-minute walk which I love because I hate travelling far to appointments. It was extremely easy to get too once I knew the directions. I got in and signed the appropriate forms and lay down on the beauty bed. I felt so comfortable while having them done and was very chatty with her. It was like a gossip session with a friend. I was nervous at the start because you just would be nervous for your first time with whatever you have done.

It was a fantastic appointment; I loved every minute of it. I paid £25 as she wanted to try a dramatic lash look. Russians are normally £40 which is the standard. I would recommend Nat to everyone. They look fantastic. I love them. She is super talented and friendly. She is my new lash lady!

After my lash appointment

I cannot wait to go back for my infills in 3 – 4 weeks. I will link all her details here:

Facebook – Nawty Lashes

Instagram – Nawty Lashes

Email – benawtylashes@gmail.com

What is your favourite beauty treatment and why?

Much Love,

Shannon Diana xx

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